Douai Crest


  • Roll of Honour WW1 Obituaries -
    Historical Research - Courtesy of Richard Sims (90/92/97)
  • Peter Jackson (1948-52)
    died on 7th August 2017 after a short illness. 
    Funeral; St Peter's, Winchester (Postcode:  SO23 8RY) on Friday 1st September at 2.30 pm.
    Principal celebrant; Fr Stephen Ortiger of Worth.
  • Bill Brister (39-42)
    Died on 4 July 2017. He had  a very distinguished career in the Prison Service, rising to the post of Deputy Director-General. He had two sons in the school David (63-67) who died on a British Army expedition to Mount Nuptse in the Himalayas in 1975 and Tony (60-65-69) who in turn had three sons in the school. Bill's funeral takes place at Douai on Wed 19 July 2017 at 2 pm.  All are welcome to attend the funeral but, if possible, let Tony know by e-mail so that he has some idea of numbers: 
  • Fr Terence Fitzpatrick (47-54)
    Died at the Monastery 5/10/2015 -
    "Fr Terence Remembered" Picture Gallery from John Hoshimi
  • Gordon Peacock (39-42)
    Died on 20/9/2015 in his 90th year
  • PJ Kavanah (43-48)
    Obit from the Daily Telegraph
  • Ian Constantinides (68-71)
    Obit from the 2012/2013 Newsletter
  • Chris McClement (58- 62-66)
    Funeral address from the 2012/2013 Newsletter
  • Peter Delaney (36-40)
    Obit from the 2012/2013 Newsletter
  • Bryan Peers (39/41)
    Died on 26th August 2013
  • David Allanson (53/58)
    Read Michael (Taffy) Horgan's Eulogy from David's Memorial service on 4th July 2013
    and a Picture Gallery .
    Obit from the 2012/2013 Newsletter
  • Frank Keating (52/55)
    Read the Guardia Obit, 25th January 2013
    And read about the party to 'celebrate' Frank's journalism, held on 20th August 2013 at the Senate House, London University..
    Order Frank's Book from the Guardian Bookshop, 'Highlights', edited by Matthew Engel
    Obit from the 2012/2013 Newsletter.
  • Sir Brandon Gough (51/55)
    Read the Daily Telegraph Obit, 19th June 2012
  • Fr. Romuald Simpson (42/48)
    Fr. Oliver wiites on 7th July 2012 " ....I have to tell you the sad news that Fr Romuald died on Thursday evening. He had a fall last August when he broke his hip and since the operation to deal with that he has been in poor health. In the last few weeks he declined very rapidly. He filled many posts in the monastery during the years: bursar, parish priest of Stratford, choirmaster, prior and parish priest of Woolhampton; he also worked for many years on the economic commission for the contemplative nuns He had the honorary title of Cathedral Prior of Coventry......."
  • Christopher Hince (51/54)